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Pictures of guitars

One of the mediums I enjoy working in is photography and nothing is more interesting than to take pictures of a guitar. Guitars are not the easiest things to photograph because of their shape but the results can be very pleasing. Here is one of the several shots I have taken.

This was a very tricky shot to capture the way I wanted it. I used a few well advised tips like putting a white blanket on the floor so as to give the shot it’s reflective quality and I couldn’t use a tripod because of it’s position but I believe the end result was worth the effort. I have taken many more shots which I will show you some of now.

All publicly posted media on this website (unless otherwise stated) is available for use under a creative commons licence. Please take the time to read my terms of use first. You can see more of my work on the photography page of my portfolio or on my Flickr photostream.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Richard .. oh good – I can comment (couldn’t before). Love your photos .. and thanks for the invite to use them .. I may well do so sometime! Glad the move seems to being going along slowly .. cheers for now .. Hilary

    • Anonymous

      Thankyou Hilary, glad you like the shots. The photos and everything else is free to use.

  • http://tmcomics.com Tony McGurk

    Hi Richard, well her I am at your new site for the 1st time. Love these photos. Great angles that give them a very artistic feel. I have a 12 string that sits all alone in the bedroom corner which I haven’t played in ages. I’m not very good musically & my comics have taken place of my musical aspirations

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Tony, a twelve string guitar, wow. I have always wondered how they play such interesting tunes

  • http://tmcomics.com Tony McGurk

    BTW How are you finding Disqus as your comment management system? I was gunna try it but after a lot of problems with Intense Debate, (especially comments disappearing or not showing up at all) on my previous blog I am not sure wether to risk it or not so just wonder how you have found it.