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Welcome to the drama section of my portfolio.

In the dramatic area I have produced dozens of videos covering a wide range of  areas. Comedy would appear to be my trademark but i don’t limit myself to it. The collection of videos below give you a bull bodied experience of my drama videos. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Firstly I have begun a silent film revival project on my Arts web show channel and I have two videos to show you from that project.

On the more serious side however I have a particular poetry performance that does seem to have a major impact upon people when they watch it. Here it is.

As part of my complete portfolio I have begun a serious drama project on Youtube. Here is the inner demon scenario.

The next video is a dramatic video of me stage crying.

How about a mime comedy.

The final video is a comedy video of me impersonating a marionette puppet.

That is all for now but you can see many more drama performances on either of my Youtube channels.

Arts web show An eclectic mix of many different projects including speed drawing videos, slideshows and silent films.
Richard North Full creative commons slection of songs, guitat performance, poetry performances and my drama project.



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