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Welcome to the haiku section of my portfolio. Haiku is a Japanese form of literature that focuses on minimalist writing. The general (but not set in stone) rules of haiku are that it cannot exceed 17 syllables. Five in the first line, 7 in the second line and 5 in the third.

Personally haiku is not something I enjoy. Not specifically because I struggle but because my taste in writing is far more elaborate than this form allows. To cut and slice creativity into such small and succinct pieces can be very confusing to understand, but haiku is a valid form of literature same as any other so I will respect it accordingly and have a go.

The one thing i can presume from reading about the form is that it is supposed to use a collection of words or images in a broken down fashion to partially illustrate a statement or story. A fill in the blanks with your imagination kind of thing. Another strong element of haiku is that it draws a lot of influence from nature and our relationship with nature viewing the subject from average daily observations. Here are my examples.


Tick tock, tick tock.
Cliff edge is close.

Backwards waterfall
Out of sync with natures law
Mother is sick

Love burning.
Horns battle with halo
The true test.

Sky closes lid.
Box full, no  more room
Knives answer.

Survival of fittest
Mother’s house rules, redundant
New game plan

Power, corruption.
Wealth saturates, sponge drips
Conception innocent

Diamonds, murder
Desert plane, western outlet
Indiscriminate greed

Humble, straight line
Compassion, road to sea wall
Kindness, safe journey

Wisdom, story.
Illustrate in watered tones
Sleep imminent

Belief, self worth
faith, rejoice and praise
The lone church

Unequal balance.
Tall tree, thick bush.
Machete to match.



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