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Welcome to my links page.

This page is dedicated to my different Websites and Social media accounts. My interests are extremely varied and I am involved in most creative forms. Some of these platforms encompass the big picture while others just take care of a certain Niche. You can see these sites by clicking the links in the drop down menu under the Link tab though I will outline each of the links on this page to make your understanding easier.

Artpal gallery – Art Divinity

This gallery on Artpal is my first professional project. It is a collection of for sale artworks in the form of geometric designs. These works are not creative commons. Feel free to take a look.

Art divinity

Arts web show

The arts web show is my central personal project. It is a show that attempts to combine Comedy with the full spectrum of multimedia art. It has been very well received by the viewers it has attracted, many of who have followed the entire first season. The Arts web show is represented in four sites and accounts.

The Blog

The Youtube channel

The Facebook page

The Twitter account

Witty snippets

Witty snippets is a Website that is still in its infancy. It is a site that posts short jokes, sarcastic statements, one liners and embeds particularly entertaining videos of Youtube. Witty snippets, is a site I work on when I want to take a break from the serious creative projects partially because it is so easy to maintain. Witty snippets, is represented by three websites and accounts and has its own play list on the Arts web show Youtube channel.

Witty snippets website

The Youtube play list

The Facebook page

The Twitter account

Deviant art

Deviant art is a social network site for artists and photographers. I operate on Deviant art mostly with my fine art though I do use it for photography too. Much of the work on here is of an amateur nature as it represents the work that i have been building up since April 2010. Even so I believe there is some good material on there which perhaps is not shown on this site. I also have a prints tab on there where you can buy canvas prints amongst other things.

Deviant art account


Flickr is a great networking site specifically for photographers and I have a collection of my best photographs on there. It is a relatively new account and is one I will probably use quite regularly.

Flickr account


Myspace is a great networking site for Musicians, Comedians and Film makers which is perfect for me as I have my fingers in all of those pies. I use Myspace mainly for my music but you will see a fair variety of work on there.

Myspace account


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