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Welcome to the literature section of my portfolio.

This is the part of the portfolio that deals with poetry and scriptwriting. I presume you are here to see what I can do with words. Stick around and i will show you.

Lets start with poetry. I have spent a lot of time with  poetry over the last few years. Learning and experimenting with different styles has been great fun. I have worked with  acrostics, beat poetry, burlesque poetry, free verse, haiku, limerick, lyric and tanka poetry. Below is a selection of links which will point you to a page dedicated to each individual form of literature.

But first I would like to show you a video of performance poetry or poetry recital. I have a playlist on Youtube dedicated to performances of my creative commons poems. You can check it out here. This is a video of my current favourite reading.

Here are the links to the archives.

Acrostic poetry is a form with lines of writing going horizontally and the first letter of each line forming a related word  moving down vertically

Beat poetry is a form which is typically associated with anger or frustration. A free form of poetry.

Burlesque Is a form which puts a humorous edge on something that ought not be laughed at.

Free verse poetry is a very loose form and usually involves writing in a random manner.

Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry based on 17 syllables. The belief of it’s use is varied

Limerick poetry A form of poem with a specific rhyme scheme, often deals with dark or dry humour.

Lyric poetry A form which deals with personal feelings.

Tanka poetry A Japanese form of poetry, dealing with occasions and feelings.


In addition to this is I have also written screenplays, a service I plan to offer in the future. Early in 2010 I wrote one play in particular which i have decided to publish on line. It is completely free to read and use under a creative commons licence. The following link leads to a page on this website featuring the first two scenes and at the bottom of the page is the full screenplay download. You will need microsoft office in order to open the file.

Screenplay preview and free download.


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