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Welcome to the music section of my portfolio. this is the part that deals with my songs and the instruments I play. As a musician I write songs, beat box, play guitar and have just begun learning harmonica and keyboards. I am also beginning to make inroads towards mixing music and recording onto software and my soundtracks will soon begin to make their way into my portfolio. You  can keep up on developments by following both my Blog and Vlog.

Here are some videos of me performing and playing my instruments. All of these following videos are creative commons songs which means if you wish to use them yourself then you can as long as you credit me or include me in the credits and link to my site. You can check out the music playlist here. The first song is a comedy song called The happy boat.

The next song is a rock song with lead guitar called Rock and roll heart.

This next song is a song called The journey to greatness.

This final song is a softer rock song called destructive love.

The next video is a compilation of some of my favourite original guitar riffs and instrumentals.

The following video has what you might call a comedic twist in the beat boxing harmonica.

The final video is of me singing acapella six different songs. Performed by my Arts web show alter-ego.


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