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Welcome to the photography category of my Portfolio. I can only assume that by clicking this page you are interested in seeing just what i can do with a camera. Well stick around and I will show you.

I have been involved with photography since August 2009. I started with a ten mega pixel point and shoot camera and had some great adventures with it. Unfortunately the lens broke on it a year later. From then I began using my five mega pixel video camera which proved to yield some great quality shots.

Photography is a difficult discipline to understand. Anyone can point a camera at something and take a picture but it takes a complex understanding of lighting, perspective and composition to be able to take a truly great shot. With that in mind I have focused not on getting a top of the range camera while studying this media form. All of the shots in the following gallery were not taken with a DSLR. But to gain the professional edge I will soon be purchasing a DSLR and all of the lighting equipment that complements it.

I am not going to categorise these following shots into different sections. I am going to give you an general idea of what i can do. You can follow a more complex collection of my shots on Flickr.


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