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Tanka poetry

Welcome to the Tanka poetry section of my portfolio. Tanka poetry is a Japanese form of prose. It is believed to have a strong element of occasional and love poetry. It is totally different to Haiku even though the first part of a Tanka poem has exactly the same syllable count as Haiku. Originally called Waka poetry, the term Tanka emerged around the turn of the twentieth century. The standardised syllable count of Tanka is five syllables in the first and third line. Seven syllables in the second, fourth and fifth line and rhyme is considered bad practice.

Personally i prefer this form to haiku as it gives me a bit more freedom to write the way I like to. Although it still holds on to the minimalist ideal. The following poems are my examples.


From nest, fire flickers.
Bringing renewal  to form.
The phoenix rises.
Song is sung  for a brief while.
Flies away with fresh resolve.

Love is harmony.
In a thicket of nettles.
Hearts desire fulfilled.
Until paranoia conquers.
Love is pain and peace married.

Buzz of nature’s wealth.
Swelter, sound of rivers call.
Find rest in shadow.
Move in slow motion, conserve.
Zing of fruit, quench late sunset.

Brute force of water.
Devastation to those who stray.
Waves claim arrogance.
Indiscriminate to take.
We lost a soul this morning.

Two souls wed as one.
Cheers of joy from families.
Cause to celebrate.
A milestone on life’s long road.
One travelled by two attached.

She stole my heart.
She tore my resolve to bits.
I fought against her.
Too late, she has me gripped.
Now I have no disguise left.

Temporary pain.
Gives way to happiness.
But happiness is
Also a temporary state.
Our complex minds feel so much.

Reaching adulthood.
A man in legal terms.
The important test
Is to not forget how to
See life through eyes of a child.

First dates, magical.
Eyes piercing, souls connecting .
Give lust an opportunity
To develop into love.

Walk the red carpet.
The crowd are cheering, starstruck.
Blow the fans a kiss.
The premier performance.
The curtain rises, many cheers.





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