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Terms of use

I have set this terms of use page up to clarify how my creative commons material can be used. Please take the time to read the terms of use before using any of my work simply to prevent any possible future misunderstandings.

Firstly I wish to point out a certain amount of guidelines about use of my images specifically.

All artwork published on this site belongs exclusively to me therefore there is no real need for concern in the use of them. Where i have used others peoples photographs as references I have taken great care to obtain written permission first. Regardless of this fact however, the artwork still belongs to me as it is original work.

On the matter of photographs. I have taken all of my pictures from public property and in the manner of compliance with the laws within my country. Some of the shots include private buildings and property but I have still followed the laws within my country. In particular cases where private property has been photographed from within that property I reserve rights on the images until such a time that I can gain written permission. At  request of the owner of the property I may take them down and since a creative commons licence is irrevocable I cannot allow use.

My definition of private property in images is very specific. If the photo involves housing, gardens, recognisable business names or any kind of fence or gate then it may possibly be treated as private. If I have not restricted that particular media on my networks then it is fine to use.

If the photograph concerned involves private property (even if I have obtained permission) I must insist that you treat the material with increased respect. You may use all of my images commercially but not in such a way that it is used to miss-sell a product or service. If my photos involve people I must insist that you do not use or adapt them in any manner that involves ‘deformation of character’. 

The type of creative commons licence I allow is a Creative commons attribution 3.0 unported licence. This means that you can use, adapt my work and you can use it commercially. You may NOT use my own personal performances of the work in any way. You may NOT cut, splice or use my physical performances in any other videos. This licence applies only to the work itself like songs, poems, photos or drawings. I retain full rights over my own performances. This licence is applicable to all creative material of mine excluding any material that is clearly stated as being fully copyrighted and work produced by others on my networks. The legal rights of other creators is entirely at their discretion.

One thing I wish to clearly state is that you do NOT need to ask for my permission. If a large number of people are using my work I don’t want to have my inbox cluttered with permission requests. Use it, just attribute me the way I require. If you have a question that this page doesn’t clarify or if you want me to provide my opinion on your work then you can send me an e-mail via the contact page.

A certain portion of my work is not licensed at all. I am referring to any musical performance or video that does not constitute a complete song/complete multi-tracked soundtrack. Instrumental videos or guitar riff/chord sequence videos fall into this category. The reason i do not claim rights on these such performances is because it is virtually impossible to state 100% clearly that they have not been used before. The same can be said of any artists work but these performances are (due to their sheer simplicity) highly vulnerable. I claim no rights and take no responsibility as a result. However, if out of good manners you still wish to attribute me then please do.

The manner of attribution set out below is how I wish it to be though you can deviate on this as long as you state all of the points I require.

1- If your intention is to simply use my material without adapting it on line then I see no justifiable reason why a full attribution should not be given. The manner of attribution I require is my full name, the fact that it is creative commons and a direct link to my website homepage. (you can credit specific web pages if you wish)

Richard North (creative commons)

2- If your intention is to use my material in something entirely different or to create an adaptation of my work on line then I require you credit me as a contributor or as the original creator. Either way if it is on line I require a direct link to my website homepage or a specific webpage on my sites. You can attribute me either of these two ways

Original material by Richard North (creative commons)
Adapted by ‘your name’ 


By Richard North (creative commons) http://richardnorth.net
Your name etc

3- If you wish to use my work offline then I understand a direct link is not possible in such circumstances but I do still require that you attribute my website homepage. If this is a live performance you can do so verbally and if in a written or image publication you can do so in writing. Please attribute as shown in 1 or 2.

4- I understand that in certain circumstances it is neither practical or your policy to attribute my website. In such exceptional circumstances like professional publications that are considered permanent, television / film credits or permanent internet archives I will accept a name as sufficient credit. I must insist however that you still credit my name with the creative commons in brackets.

The reason I insist upon this is because I am not the only publicly known Richard North. Crediting just my name may send people to another Richard North which will not only credit them for my work but may also send them accidental coverage which would effect the strength of my reputation in search engines. By adding creative commons to my name would send people direct to me as I am the only Richard North offering creative commons material. This is how I require such attributions.

Richard North (creative commons)

This licence is a share alike licence which means that you do not have the lawful right to claim copyright on my material. Any lawsuit over copyright infringement is limited to your specific adaptation and not over use of my material. For example if you use one of my songs but you change the lyrics completely you can claim copyright infringement of your lyrics but not for the guitar tune of mine that you used. You may have rights concerning the use of your exact adaptation though I will remain entirely neutral.

I share this work with everyone which means everyone has the legal right to use it how they wish. In the final judgement the actual material of mine that you used still belongs to me legally. Though you need not worry as I cannot legally revoke this licence.

You may not use my material in any way that suggests deformation of character. By that I mean anything that suggests any kind of illegal activity or anything that proves morally damaging to my reputation. This is my hard work that you are using so please respect it accordingly.

I understand that with the internet being so vast it is not possible to stop individuals either using my work without attributing and in a disrespectful manner, therefore I am reliant on goodwill and community moderation. If you find out that somebody is using my work inappropriately and feel you should do something about it then please report it to the appropriate network or publisher that the work is being used on or under. Please do not notify me personally as that would probably ruin my day.

Disclaimer – I understand that it is entirely possible that my work may seem similar to something that has already been done before. I wish to make it clear that all works that I have produced and licensed are my own. I have not intentionally set out to plagiarise anyone and I will defend that fact if necessary. With so many practitioners of the arts in the world similarities are bound to present themselves at some point.

By using my work you are agreeing to these terms of use. I take no legal responsibility for the work you use or the protection of it. In a case of accidental plagiarism you will not hold me or this website or its material responsible for anything you take or use.

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