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Welcome to the video section of my portfolio. One of the things I do is produce web show episodes which require a fair amount of video editing. The Arts web show has recently concluded it’s first season and will be back again in November 2011. Hopefully when the show returns I will have purchased the equipment that will give it a more professional edge. Out of all of the episodes I feel that in terms of editing Episode 10 was my greatest success which I will show you now.

This is a comedy arts show featuring five different characters which you can see more of on my video links tab at the top of the webpage.

Aside from these videos I have also produced several slide shows featuring photography and artwork. Two of which I will show you now. The first is a motivational slide show organising many of my favourite photos into a visual poem.

The second is the result of a collaborative project I produced with fellow account owners on deviant art, a fantastic social networking site for photographers and visual artists.

I have also done speed drawing video demonstrations which seem to be highly desirable videos. These projects require me to speed up the video by 10 times. Here is one such example.

Many of the videos shown here are likely to be replenished by newer versions using better equipment in the near future however, for the moment I am limited to this level of production.

The video software I use to edit these videos is the award winning power director which you can find here.


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