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Richard North

Richard North

Hi, my name is Richard North, creative commons multimedia artist living in the UK.

Terms of use

This website represents a journal of my creative journey. It is a journey which has spanned over ten years. Over time I intend that this website becomes a comprehensive archive of creative commons media. My interests spread across much of the creative spectrum from music to fine art and on to video editing and drama. I wish to learn it all and apply it in a format that is rarely achieved well, (Multimedia). It is very ambitious but I believe that with enough time and motivation, anything is possible.

If there is one major influence in my work i would have to say it’s comedy. Comedy is a good way of putting most artistic works across in a way that people are most likely to enjoy. Hopefully you will have a few giggles while you’re here.

I have a Youtube based project called the Arts web show which has run its second season . It is a fortnightly show which combines multimedia art and comedy. Although this doesn’t yet have a mass audience it has been running quite successfully within it’s own compact viewer base.

I use a wide variety of platforms for showing my work and although i have a website base i do use a large variety of external platforms like Youtube, google plus, deviant art, flickr and facebook. Simply search the name Richard North and you will find me easily enough.

Getting known is essential to my success and I am sure the most effective way is the good old fashioned way, word of mouth. Please do pass on my name to people you think may find what I do interesting and remember all work on here is creative commons. You can use all of my work at the small cost of a link to this website. Read more about my terms of use here.

I have also begun a commercial project called Art divinity. These particular works are intended for sale therefore do not fall under creative commons. They are sold through Artpal and Cafepress. They are geometric art designs available as posters, prints on canvas or framed and even mug prints. Feel free to take a look and help to spread the word.

Thankyou all
Richard North

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