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About Richard North

Hi, my name is Richard North and I am a multimedia artist living in the UK. This site represents in a sense a journal of my creative journey. This website is still in it’s infancy but over time I aim for it to become a comprehensive archive of creative commons media. My interests spread across much of the creative spectrum from music to fine art and on to video editing and drama. I wish to learn it all and apply it in a format that is rarely achieved well (Multimedia). It is very ambitious but I believe that with enough time and motivation, anything is possible.

I have a Youtube based project called the Arts web show which has run into its second season . It is a fortnightly show which combines multimedia art and comedy and although this doesn’t yet have a mass audience it has been running quite successfully within it’s own compact viewer base.

Getting known is essential to my success and I am sure the only way is the good old fashioned way, word of mouth. Please do pass on my name to people you think may find what I do interesting and remember all work on here is creative commons. You can use all of my work at the small cost of a link to this website. Read more about my terms of use here.

Thankyou all
Richard North

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