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Art divinity

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Art divinity

Welcome to Art divinity. This is the online for sale portfolio of Richard North (multimedia artist). It is a collection of galleries selling designs based on sacred geometry. It is my first professional project and to be honest, it is a long time coming. After many years of trying to figure out my niche i finally found a style and concept which i can explore in far greater detail. Over time these outlets and collections will grow.

The collection of galleries sell work in the form of canvas prints, framed pictures, t shirts, bags and even coffee mugs. They vary from some of the simplest designs to far more complex designs. The collection of galleries and links are listed below.

Here are some examples of my work.


Art divinity on Artpal.
This is a collection of highly complex sacred geometry artworks and designs. They are printed on a wide range of media. Cnvass prints, framed prints, posters and even mugs.
Art divinity on Artpal

Art divinity on Cafepress
This is a collection of designs aimed more at the clothing and accesories market. There is an incredible range of products on this site.
Art divinity on Cafepress

The collection of outlets for my ever growing selection of products may increase over time. Feel free to follow either the sites themselves or this website. I will update through my blog as things change.
Stay tuned for future projects. Art divinity is just the beginning.

Richard North (multimedia artist)

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