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This is my full and archived professional portfolio. As a multimedia artist it is not just required that I am active in many different art forms. Many people can for example draw and play guitar. The title of multimedia artist is for someone who take those different disciplines and merge them together in a way where they compliment each other. For that reason certain categories of this portfolio will merge with others but I will lay it out as best I can.

Of the disciplines I have learned over the last eight years the list is long, so I will break them down into sections on this page and give you one example of the best of my work without having to check out the other pages on the drop down menu under portfolio. Of course if you wish to find out more you are welcome to take a closer look. Many of the categories are archived too. I have set the archives up in a way that shouldn’t get confusing to navigate.


I have been spending a lot of time practising and working on videos since 2009 and although the progression has been slow I am now in a position whereby I believe I have the skill to shoot and edit confidently.

Here is a motivational slide show which may interest you.


My ability with acting is rather varied. I do serious character acting and comedy drama. I tend to focus on playing strange characters, something which I have nurtured over the duration of the Arts web show productions. often acting is incorporated into my performance poetry  and I have been very busy with a Silent film revival on my Youtube channel.

Here is a video from my silent film revival project.

Fine art

I am a sketch artist and seem to do best with technical drawings. Here is an example

I also can do the same with buildings, here is another example.

I have also worked with pastels, acrylic paints, watercolours and digital painting. I don’t consider myself to be of a professional level in any of the following areas as 90% of my projects over the years have been done with pencils. Also i don’t consider myself to be a competent portrait artist if a realistic appearance and perfect likeness is what you are after. Landscapes, animals, buildings, objects with an interesting perspective all fall into my repertoire. Here is a study of a horse in a field at sunset.


I work with photography of most types. In my repertoire is Nature photography, Macro, Portraits, People, Architecture and some photo manipulation. To show you my level I am going to show you two photographs on this particular section. You can see more on the Archived page.

Not quite a macro shot but very much a close up, it is a shot of a guitar headstock. One of my most complicated projects to date. This shot was taken on a ten mega pixel camera  which i no longer use. Here is a portrait shot set against a natural setting. The shot was taken on a five mega pixel camera.


I have done substantial work with writing poetry in many forms including acrostics, beat poetry, burlesque poetry, free verse, haiku, limerick, lyric and tanka poetry.

Here is an example of one one my best Lyric poems


I think of the situation I find myself in,
And scream “let me out of here!”
The others in the room look at me,
My irrational behaviour fills them with fear.
As if a psychopath is seated amongst them.
For their peace of mind I must go it is clear.

The door is locked and I don’t have the key.
The window is open but we’re on the top floor.
The cabinet is full to the brim,
The drawer is too small.
The others in the room simply sit there and stare.
With resignation, they await my calamitous fall.

The atmosphere is heavy, the air is hot.
Egg shells are scattered across the floor.
My eyes avert, search for some space.
I struggle to see through the facade.
My heart screams, my head spins.
Will I ever see this nightmare through?

But to say I only write poetry is in all honesty an under-statement as I do in fact record videos of me performing some of those poems. This is where the multimedia aspect comes into the equation as these such performances involve writing, reciting with correct emphasis and diction, dramatic acting and video editing. Here is one of my best performances to date.

I have also written many songs over the years but that is something I will cover under the music section of this portfolio.

The other area of literature that i am involved with is screenplays. I have written 4 complete screenplays to date, one of which is archived on this site. You can find the screenplay complete with free download option on my literature page.


I am a singer, lyricist, guitar player and basic level beat boxer. In addition I will soon create soundtracks on digital software. My singing is reminiscent of soft rock, folk and madrigal styles. My lyrics are simple and catchy though some have been known to get a bit deep. I am a capable rhythm gitarist and have learned skills like chord progressions, barre chords, finger picking and basic lead guitar riffs. As a beat boxer i can keep time efficiently but that is about the limit of that. I also occasionally pick up a harmonica though i am not technically capable. Here is a simple song of mine to introduce you to my music.

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