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Geometric art – straight edge spiral

Geometric art – straight edge spiral

This is a digital artwork design called straight edge spiral.  It is a complex design based on various patterns of colours and take roughly 20 hours to complete. So far i have produced 10 of these mosaic designs.

The pattern used as a template for all of these works is a large scale grid mosaic pattern. But the actual creation of the work oddly combines mathematics with art. Producing these works, though quite painstaking are both educational and exciting.

Here is the work in question

Art mosaic piece 3 - Straight edge spiral










Do you like what you see?

These are available for sale as canvas and framed photo prints. I recommend that these are blown up in size to a maximum of 30” by 30”

Check out my third party product sites on either Artpal or Cafepress to view the products i offer.

If you enjoyed your visit them perhaps one of these very similar light shows may interest you.

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