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York minster images

York minster is a stunning Gothic cathedral/church. It is called Minster due to the fact that York Minster is a protestant church. Cathedral is reserved for catholic churches. York in itself is a beautiful city and I have had the pleasure of living there for a while. So much to see and explore. I never got bored. I have produced many drawings of York’s many architectural masterpieces but in this post i would like to concentrate on York Minster.

This is a painting in acrylic that I produced over five years ago. It is a painting of just one of The churches entrances which should give you an idea of the sheer scale of this building. This painting is not technically perfect but i do rather like it. I also produced a drawing of the same view which is acurate on a technical level.

If I was to say there was an area of visual art where I do specialise. Architectural drawings would probably be it. I have produced many other drawing of views in York, some of which you can see in  my fine art portfolio. Here is a close to accurate photo that I have taken since to show you the view I drew from. It is a bit more close up, so all of the detail in the artwork is not fully shown.

All publicly posted media on this website (unless otherwise stated) is available for use under a creative commons licence. Please take the time to read my terms of use first. You can see more on the fine art page of my portfolio.

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